1. Me & Christian Watson of 1924us during Liberty Fairs.

  2. Breakfest with 1924us

  3. by-berlin:

    By @1924us | #thewhiteshoeproject #thewspday44#vscocam

    Breakfest meeting with 1924us. Hat: clubmonaco Shirt: clubmonaco Pants: unisnewyork Shoes: commedesplay
  4. 1924us:

    Berlin Nicholas x 1924 take on New York. 

  5. For The Class Room | shot by vrmtpro

    Shirt: ourlegacy
    Denim: rogueterritory

  6. by-berlin:

    🌴 | #vscocam #hb2 (at Escambron Beach)


  7. WSP day 17

  8. The Atlantic

  9. Blues

  10. Old San Juan

  11. In PR with my Nylites for The White Shoe project

  13. 1924us:

    Berlin & i played with a 12 gauge. 

  14. 1924us:

    Christian Watson for 1924
    by Berlin Nicholas

  15. by-berlin:

    This guy is a representation of how to love through your brand. 1924us